INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed South Asian artists Sonia and Sarvar Sabri are performing at Gwernyfed High School on Saturday, April 1, and will present a workshop earlier in the day at Glasbury Village Hall.

Salaam meaning ‘peace’ is Sonia Sabri Company’s latest stunning creation, a programme that weaves a dialogue between live music and Kathak dance, celebrating harmony, inner –stillness and the simple bliss of being alive.

The audience is promised a rare treat of Tabla music by the world renowned Sarvar Sabri, and the talented Shoma Dey joins Sarvar Sabri on the harmonium.

Sonia creates magic through expressive and rhythmic dance with live music. The audience are taken on a journey with Sonia’s poignant metaphorical narratives and through her command of intricate footwork, eloquent gesture and rapid spins. If you've ever wondered where beat-boxing and rapping originates from, this is a show that will reveal the roots and more wonders!

Earlier in the day, at Glasbury Village Hall, a workshop will explore the unique practice of the Sonia Sabri Company, through the foundations of Kathak, a classical Indian dance. Through this introductory workshop participants will learn the basic skills involved in Kathak, which means ‘the one who tells the story’. A mixture of spoken word, rhyme, rhythm, music, movement, gesture and facial expression, Kathak draws inspiration from human experience and the environment.

Ticket prices: performance £10 (£8 concessions); workshop £12 (£10 concessions); combined ticket £20 (£16 concessions).

To book, call 0333 666 3366 or visit