WORK on the repair of sewers in Clee Hill is nearing completion.

Problems with the sewers became apparent following two bursts.

This has resulted in Severn Trent spending £100,000 on a kilometre of new pipes in the village.

“We know that the local community in the Clee Hill area has been affected by some small bursts to the sewer pipe in the past year,” said Damon Elsworth, an engineer with Severn Trent Water.

Work to replace the old pipes along the A4117 Ludlow Road is now almost complete. Work started on the outskirts of the village, and moved uphill towards Tenbury Road. All of the work in the roads is now complete and the company is now in the process of connecting the new sewer pipe.

“We know that the local community knows more about the area and how it works than we do, so before we started work we spoke to the local school and community about how we could minimise disruption in the village,” added Mr Elsworth.

“After listening to what they told us, we decided to start work at the furthest point away from the school, and we waited until the school summer holidays began before moving the work closer.”

The work involved traffic control through the centre of the village that caused some problems including an occasion when lights in both directions were at red.