NEW measures will make it easier for people to run a business from home according to Ludlow MP Philip Dunne.

He believes that the Home Business Initiative will benefit both the local and national economy.

He says it will cut the cost of bureaucracy with new legislation making it easier for people to run a business from a rented home by updating planning guidance to make it clear that planning permission should not normally be needed to run a business from a home.

There will also be new business rates guidance clarifying that in the majority of circumstances home based businesses will not attract business rates.

These steps are designed to create a surge in entrepreneurs starting a business from their home over the coming years.

“Shropshire already has high percentage of people working from home, so these reforms will help make things easier for those who have started their own business,” said Mr Dunne.

“Around 70% of new businesses start off at home, and they contribute £300 billion to the economy, so backing entrepreneurs is a key part of this Government’s long term economic plan. These reforms will remove another barrier for those looking to start their own business from home, which could create more jobs and growth for Shropshire in the future.”

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