OVERSEAS students at a school near Tenbury are celebrating success in their A Level exams.

International students at Saint Michael’s College achieved the school’s best ever A Level results. The pass rate was 98%, with 70% of all grades being A*to B. A total of 16% of the grades were A*.

“We are incredibly proud of these results,” said Stuart Higgins, principal at the school.

“They are a testament to the amount of hard work and effort the students put into their studies and are even more impressive given that all of the students are doing these exams in a second, or even, third language. "The teaching, and other staff, also work incredibly hard to support, encourage and motivate the students.”

The top performing students include Jessica Wang, from China, who achieved 1 A* and 4 As; Ivy Wang, also from China, with 1 A*, 3 As and a B; and Vlad Mogilev, from Russia, with 2 A*, 1 A and 2 Bs.

Saint Michael’s College is an international boarding school that currently has about 120 students from all over the world.

The school specialises in teaching English as a foreign language and preparing overseas students for entry into UK universities.