THE centre of Tenbury is to be transformed into a street market each month in a move designed to give a boost to local trade.

Following extensive consultation with police and health and safety chiefs the go ahead has been given to use parking bays in the town’s main street for up to 12 market stalls, currently featuring in the local produce market in the car park behind the Pump Rooms.

It will involve putting a row of stalls along one side of Teme Street between the TSB Bank and the telephone box in front of The Regal.

Stalls will be placed in the parking bays but Teme Street will remain open to traffic. In order to deal with safety concerns the stalls will be next to each other so that there is no risk of people walking out between them and into the road.

When the stalls and the sellers are in place the area behind them will be taped-off in order to keep traffic clear of the market stall holders.

Approval for the scheme has come after talks involving Tenbury Town Council, Malvern Hills District Council and the police.

The market began in June 2013 in a pub car park has been held on the car park adjacent to the Pump Rooms since last autumn.

“It will create a traditional street market that will bring vitality to the town centre and be seen by passing traffic,” said Carole Clayton, one of the organisers.

“People who shop at the market will also have the local shops close at hand. It will mean visitors will not just come and shop at the market without having a chance to see what the town has to offer.”

Held on the third Saturday of every month the market runs from 9am until 2pm with stall holders setting up from about 7am.

The stretch of Teme Street that has been made available will allow 12 covered market stalls.

It was decided to set up the market to give local businesses a chance to sell and also to raise their visibility. Traders have to be based within a 30 mile radius of Tenbury and there can only be a maximum of two stalls selling the same product.

Most of the stalls sell local food and drink but there are also arts and crafts. Many of the stallholders have a regular pitch and sell every month whilst others including a market stall selling locally grown fresh fruit are seasonal.

The new initiative has been welcomed by Mark Willis, the Mayor of Tenbury who believes that it will increase the footfall of shoppers in the town.

In addition to the monthly market in the town centre a programme of regular markets is also being introduced nearby at Burford House Gardens.

Carole Clayton says that these may well become a regular monthly feature but will complement and not clash with the town centre produce market.

The first of the new markets is this Saturday coming.