A TENBURY band of middle aged rockers are seeing their dreams come true.

They have found that musical fame is coming later in life afer many years of making music.

The Fabulous Bordellos have just returned from playing one of the iconic music venues – the Cavern in Liverpool where 50 years ago the Beetles started their careers.

Tomorrow (Friday, August 15) the band will play on the bill at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia in London.

But the band members are unusual pop stars because when vocalist Roy James is not performing he is running the TABS tea room in Tenbury whilst the bass player Neville Weaver is a dental technician.

Justine Clarke, works for McConnells in Ludlow and guitarist Dave North is a transport manager.

The band came together in 2009 and since then have become increasingly busy and will not play somewhere in the country almost every week.

“Playing at the Cavern in Liverpool was a dream come true with all its history,” said Roy.

“The band was brought up on the Beatles and the music of that era and so to be able to perform on the same staged where the Beatles played all those years ago was very special.

“It is also a great accolade to have been spotted and given a place on the bill at The Great British Beer Festival.”

Formed in 2009 by singer Roy James; The Fabulous Bordellos describe themselves as a hard working hard hitting band.

In 2011 the band started a journey that they never thought would happen.

With Neville Weaver on bass guitar, Dave North on lead guitar and Roy fronting the band they already had the nucleus of a genre, it was at this time they were joined by Justin Clarke, a drummer with a taste for The Small Faces and The Who, coupled with the other members fascination with The Jam, The Kinks and Paul Weller they realised that the “mod” style was the only way forward.

It wasn’t long before they got spotted, and asked to play at the local festivals, which in turn lead to more venues and a bigger following.

Early in 2014 The Fabulous Bordellos Headlined at the Ludlow Spring Festival where their favourite liquid flowed (Real Ale) again they were spotted by scouts looking for a band to Top the Bill at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia, London.

The group is helped by Hobsons Brewery based in Cleobury Mortimer that is funding the travel to London.

Whilst the band members have no plans to give up their day jobs making music has become more than just a hobby and they are looking to the future and to build upon their growing reputation on a national stage.

But whatever may happen in the future getting a standing ovation on the stage where it all began for Paul, John, Ringo and George is going to take a lot of beating.