THERE has been a major improvement at Burford House Garden thanks to a small army of volunteer gardeners.

Scouts from Tenbury are among those working to restore the national collection of clematis to its former glory.

“The gardens are looking really good at the moment, with great progress made on the borders, thanks to all the hard work,” said Paul Benson, who is leading the project.

“We have had some great comments from our garden visitors who are full of admiration. They are continuing to donate generously to our charities, Greenfingers and St Michael's Hospice.

“The remaining Clematis and those that we have lost will be planted early autumn, along with ground covering plants, Ceanothus, Carpentaria and Hebes, to suppress the weeds. We are also in discussions with David Austin Roses to help design and sponsor our new Rose area in the corner of the east garden, known formerly as the Mediterranean Garden.

“In August, will be a staging a Celebration of Clematis weekend. We are absolutely delighted that Raymond Evisson will be dropping by to give a couple of informative talks and demonstrations here at Burford House.”