A DROP-in session has been staged to help to understand community needs in the Craven Arms area.

It follows an exercise that has involved looking at the kind of services that are available to people in Craven Arms and Stottondale.

A group of us from all parts of the council spent some time together to come up with what we thought this could look like.

“We want to really understand the range of activity that people in the area are accessing,” said Kate Granger of Shropshire Council.

“This could be provided directly by the council, a housing group, primary health, the voluntary and community sector and it could be being delivered directly, be commissioned, a pilot or a prototype. “We want to understand how people find and use what they need to make a difference in their lives. We also want to know where any gaps are and collectively how we can do more of the things that increase independence and create capacity in the community and less of the things that increase dependence and lack of control.”

Information from the session on Tuesday, August 12 will be used as part of the planning process.