THE memorial commemorating those men from Clee Hill and Knowbury who gave their lives in the First and Second World War has been completely refurbished and the names of the fallen repainted.

But a further name and a decoration for bravery has been added to the obelisk located in the churchyard of St Paul’s in Knowbury.

This omission was discovered by Helen and Alan Jones, both members of the Clee Hill Branch of the Royal British Legion who painstakingly researched the histories of all the local men killed.

They discovered that Private Ernest John Kitson, married to Alice, who was buried in Hamstead Cemetery, had been left off the memorial, and an honour bestowed on Private Henry Genner, the DCM, had also been omitted. These errors have now been corrected.

Major Adrian Coles, MBE, a vice president of the Royal British Legion who instigated the work on the memorial, said that Clee Hill branch were very grateful to Caynham Parish Council who paid for the work to be carried out.

Major Coles, who served as a councillor for many years and is now a Chelsea pensioner, also wished to thank others involved in their support of the refurbishment.

“Most of those that died, and there were 44, a very large number, came from Clee Hill and we, as a community, should always remember the sacrifices that they and their families gave for this country of ours,” he said.

Major Coles has now become a Pensioner of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea and attends functions wearing the world famous scarlet coat and medals.

“We are very pleased that Ernest John Kitson is now on the memorial where he rightly belongs, along with the other 43 men from this area who gave their lives in conflict,” said Fay Vass, secretary of the Clee Hill and District Royal British Legion.

The branch staged a silent vigil to commemorate the 100 years since the start of the First World War at 11pm last Monday (August 4).

Alan and Helen Jones at the memorial.