A SIXTH form is an option that has been considered at Tenbury High School as it works to recover from being put into special measures at the end of last year.

But as students and teachers start the long summer break head teacher Adrian Price is adamant that the main priority will be to continue the improvement that he says is being made.

However, the extent of the challenge facing the school is shown in a report just published by Worcestershire County Council that shows that it is the only school in the county that is designated as inadequate.

In September seven new teachers will join the staff making for a turnover of nearly 20% in the teaching staff. Mr Price says this is explained by a combination of retirements and moves to other parts of the country.

“It has been hard work for everyone and we are shattered but we are like a ship sailing on the right course,” said Mr Price.

“This is a good school and unlike some schools we will have a full complement of staff in September because we have been able to recruit some very good teachers.”

He said nothing had been ruled out for the future including the opening of a sixth form.

“It has been considered and becomes a possibility as we grow and improve but at the moment it is not an immediate priority,” Mr Price said.

From the start of the new school year Tenbury High School will become an academy and this will set in train a string of changes.

These will include a change of name to Tenbury High Ormiston Academy and also some changes to the uniform with a new badge and branding.

“All of the pupils will wear white shirts and there will be a smarter look but it will not involve a lot of extra cost,” said Mr Price.

The school will also no longer be funded through Worcestershire County Council but directly from Whitehall via the Ormiston Academy.

The move into special measures was largely as a result of inconsistent performance in English and Maths.

Mr Price knows that the first big test will come with the release of GCSE results in a few weeks.

“There can be no room for complacency,” added Mr Price.

“We have done well this year but like a football team that wins promotion the second season can be harder and we must maintain progress.

“As for the exams I hope that the young people get the results that their hard work deserves.”

Ken Pollock, who represents Tenbury on Worcestershire County Council and is a governor at the school, believes that better times are ahead but feels that joining the Ormiston family of schools will impose constraints.

“Tenbury High School has been going through a sticky period and it is interesting to note that it is the only school in the county in category four (inadequate),” he said.

“I have no doubt it will shake off the designation in no time and it will soon take its rightful place among the good and outstanding schools. It may be seen on reflection that joining Ormiston proves wholly positive, despite the loss of freedom of action.”