LUDLOW MP Philip Dunne says that new education funding gives a better deal to young people in rural areas like Ludlow and south Shropshire.

The MP has welcomed news that Shropshire pupils are to receive the fifth highest amount per pupil, after having been among the lowest funded under the system devised by the previous Government.

The Government has announced that schools in some of the least fairly funded local areas in the country will benefit from a £390 million cash boost in the biggest step towards fairer schools funding in a decade.

The consultation has confirmed Shropshire's case for fairer funding and the amount per pupil has been increased from an extra £256 to £298, totalling £10.5 million for the next academic year, or 7.2% more for Shropshire? schools.

“I am really delighted by this news that every school in Shropshire will receive even more for every pupil than they had been promised by this government,” said Mr Dunne.

“This is a great step forward? in reducing the unfairness of school funding for those in rural local authorities. It means our schools will get the resources they are entitled to and will help improve the quality of education for all children in Shropshire.

"This new money is part of the Government’s long-term economic plan to help all young people to have the best schools and skills so that they can succeed in life.”