THE Community College in Bishop's Castle hosted two teachers from their link school in Tanzania.

During their stay Mr Mzee and Madame Mbele supported, observed and delivered lessons and also visited two of the college's feeder primary schools.

Madam Mbele is head of French at Macechu School so she spent most of her time in French lessons.

She brought with her some cards and letters that her students had written addressed to the year seven students. The students now regularly communicate through Skype and through letter writing.

This helps their French language skills as well as raising their global awareness by learning more about the ways of life of people in Tanzania and the importance of the French language to many African countries.

Mr Mzee, the head teacher from Macechu School is a physicist, and he spent much of his time in the science department. This is his second visit and a science project has been running simultaneously between the two schools over this time.

The exchange is financed by the British Council's Connecting Classrooms programme which has been successful running in the college for the last three years.

Behind the scenes, plenty is happening to strengthen the partnership further. There are plans for regular Skyping to take place over the coming year between staff and students.

Alan Doust, the headteacher from the Community College, will be visiting Macechu School in the autumn term.