LUDLOW looks set to be rewarded for its hard work during this year's Heart of England campaign.

After today's judging Roger Bache, chairman of the Heart of England in Bloom, told The Advertiser that although he could not disclose how the town had done what he had seen had put it in a good position.

"There was some fabulous work," he said.

"The horticulture was very good and there are some fabulous gardens, that you wouldn't see everyday, going on behind the scenes.

"It was a really good effort. They have done very well.

"Members of the public just see the flowers. The In Bloom campaign would not work without the community.

"A marvellous quintessentially English town might not get a grade if we don't see the community doing things."

Councillor Viv Parry, who leads the Ludlow In Bloom group, was pleased with the day's efforts.

"I think it was a good day," she said."Everybody has worked really hard."

The result is not yet known. This will be revealed on September 11 with a presentation in Shrewsbury.