JEAN Seckington of Lydbury North hit the skies on her birthday.

To be thrown from an aircraft strapped to a soldier is not the way that most people celebrate their birthday – especially when it is their 89th.

But this is exactly what Jean, who is a volunteer at the Lydbury North Community Shop, decided she wanted to do.

She made the jump in tandem with Corporal Mike French, of the Army Red Devils Skydiving Team, with ground instruction from Lance Corporal Andy Wells.

Jean chose to do a sky dive to raise funds for the Mahaque Well Project in Mozambique. She has raised significant funds and sponsorship and hopes to pay for a fresh water well in a village currently using dirty lake water.

Jean has been a highly valued volunteer at Lydbury North shop for nearly 13 years since it opened and a couple of fellow volunteers who had organised the special arrangements travelled with her to Wiltshire for the occasion.