A WEDDING is often a traditional occasion but one Leintwardine couple took the meaning to a whole new level when they tied the knot earlier this month.

Stacey, 28, and Mark Williams, 30, decided to follow in the footsteps of Stacey's grandparents, John and Audrey Turner, who last week celebrated 60 years of happy marriage.

The newlyweds were married at the same church, used the same reception venue and the same cake recipe as Stacey’s grandparents.

Mrs Williams, formerly Miss Lindley, also used the same bouquet her mother used for her own wedding – made from artificial mother of pearl.

Mrs Williams' mum, Barbara Boyle, said: "The service was not that far away from the one my parents would have had, the reception venue was the same and the cake was made to the same family recipe.

"It was a lovely day."

Mr Williams proposed to his long-term partner a month after she had a hysterectomy in May 2013.

The couple, who have two young children, had known each other since they were at school, having been "on and off” since they were 14.

"Mark was in the army for 10 years and always said if he settled down and got a family he would leave so he did," Mrs Boyle explained.

"They always said that if they were to get engaged they would try to get married within the year."

They tied the knot at St Mary Magdalene Church before celebrating with friends and family at the Lion Hotel in Leintwardine.

They are now honeymooning in Turkey.

Mrs Williams' grandparents said they thought it was a "very nice thing" for the couple to do.

"My husband only has one leg due to diabetes so I told Stacey we would sit at the back of the church to be out of the way but she wouldn't allow it," said Audrey Turner.

"Then she presented us with a cake that she had made which had a photo of us on when we were younger. It was such a nice gesture."

Audrey met husband John at a football match at Leintwardine and Brampton Bryan Youth Club when they were just teenagers.

They were married on June 19 1954 and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just five days after their granddaughter made her own vows.