AN Englishman in Tenbury has found himself surrounded by supporters of Brazil.

With three lions on his shirt Mike Slade struck an isolated lion pose at St Michael’s International College.

Mike was overwhelmed by some of the Brazilian national students who were not allowing being away from the World Cup ‘kick off’ to lessen their passion and pride for the host nation.

Mike regularly escorts and transports the students from the school to universities, airports and excursions all over the country during their academic year studies at St Michael’s.

Driven by team Brazil fanaticism and donned in the famous team colours of canary-yellow colour the students clearly outnumbered and out voiced the lonely lion.

As studies and exams reach a climax over the next few weeks, the students will return home with many of them already having tickets for games in Brazil.

Mike said: "Let’s hope England will also feature in some of those games – dare to dream. As for the students it’s Brazil all the way."