A NURSE at Ludlow Hospital loves her job so much she has not had a day off sick in 33 years.

Elaine Lloyd, who lives near Clee St Margaret, has achieved the remarkable record despite working in an environment where it would be easier than most to picked up the latest virus.

“You are either one of those people that picks up everything or you are one that becomes immune,” said Elaine.

“I’ve never missed coming in to work.

I even came into work on a tractor in the snow.”

Despite nursing being one of the most stressful professions to work in, Elaine has her own way of dealing with the pressures of life on a ward.

“I am one of those lucky people that does not get stressed. I come into work, do the job to the best of my ability and go home. I don’t mull things over.

“I love my job and the facilities here at the hospital are excellent.

“Acute hospitals from Hereford, Bridgnorth, and Shrewsbury are always ringing up for beds here.

“There are no rehab beds in Shrewsbury for the elderly and that is why patients are sent down here.”

Elaine said the best part of the job is seeing patients get well and going home.

“You have played your part in the patients’ recovery,” said Elaine.

“It is also satisfying looking after people who are terminally ill and giving them a pain free death.”

Elaine started work at the hospital at the age of 20.

This was the era that saw Prince Charles marry Lady Diana, Bob Champion beating cancer to win the Grand National and a Botham inspired England coming from behind to beat Australia to take the Ashes.

“It was hard work but we enjoyed it,” said Elaine.

“We were like a family.

We just got on with it and had a few laughs as well as we had our own social club.”

Following the collapse of the project to build a new hospital at the Eco-Park attention has been switched to improving facilities at the existing hospital.

A new task force has drawn up a wish list of improvements to be carried out to revitalise Ludlow Hospital.

“The message is Ludlow Hospital is here to stay,” said Pat Hansen, a member of the task force.