FOOD lovers in Ludlow can use their keen appetites benefit the town’s hospital.

Unbeknown to many people in Ludlow the hospital has its own cafe that is open to members of the public.

Profits from the newly refurbished cafe go directly to the hospital for the benefit of its patients.

The cafe now boasts a colourful decor where members of the public can eat food served up by chef Tony Campbell.

“This is the same food that is served to patients on the wards,” said Pat Hansen, a volunteer at the hospital and a member of a task force set up to revitalise it.

“Patients are getting good food that Tony is not ashamed to serve to the public.

“The money made here goes into the hospital coffers. It is making money and we would like it to make more money.”

The menu consists mainly of traditional and classic English dishes

“Since most of the patients are elderly this is the sort of food they would cook for themselves,” said Pat.

Kerry Edwards, who is hotel services and site manager at the hospital, oversaw the refurbishment and said she is proud of it.

“When patients have left you will find them back in the cafe because the food it so good,” said Kerry.

The cafe is open to members of the public between 8am and 5pm.

Following the collapse of the project to build a new hospital at the Eco-Park attention has been switched to making facilities at the existing hospital as good as possible.

A task force has been set up and has drawn up a wish list of improvements to be carried out to revitalise Ludlow Hospital.

"The message is Ludlow Hospital is here to stay," said Pat.