AN illustrated talk about a woman's work in Uganda will take place on Ludlow.
Vicky Leach will give the talk at St Peter’s Church Hall on Henley Road on Wednesday June 4.
Vicky has been helping children, who live in extreme poverty, through a Learning 4 Life project.
The talk include information about her time in Karamoja, a remote, impoverished region of Uganda.
It is one of the poorest places on earth. It is estimated that fewer than 20% of its children are in school, and even fewer complete their education.
The Karamojong people are mostly cattle herders.
But four consecutive years of drought have rendered 90% of the population reliant on food aid and malnutrition is rampant among the children.
"As ever, it is women and children that suffer most. Female children provide a way out of poverty for poor parents," said Vicky.
"The bride-price for a young girl, little more than a child, is often 200 cows, so girls have little or no chance of education. In consequence, nothing changes – the cycle of hunger and violence is their reality."
She will also talk about how the parishioners of St Peters in Ludlow have helped with the scholarship of a child in great need, known only as 'R'.
"'R' is seven years old, from a highly vulnerable family, she is the second of four children, and a baby is on the way," said Vicky.
"Her mother is mentally fragile.
"'R' and her siblings know violence and live in fear of their father. Being the eldest girl, 'R' has to work very hard to support the family’s daily needs. She was malnourished and in very poor condition."
Vicky helps pupils write, do arithmetic, draw, talk about their experiences, and to have fun.
In 2013, Learning 4 Life appealed for donations of baby feeding bottles, teats, and baby clothing.
And if they can be provided Vicky takes them.
"As for the much needed formula milk, I have to buy it in Uganda. If you can help feed a baby, please donate the cost of a tin, or two," said Vicky.
The talk starts at 7.30pm is free.