THIS old photograph dramatically illustrates how much Ludlow changed during the twentieth century.
Our photo, supplied by English Heritage, shows Temeside and the town's gas works pictured in 1939 - although we don't know if this was before or after the start of the Second World War in September of that year.
The River Teme is seen to the left of the photo, while Ludford Bridge and the Charlton Arms are located towards the back.
The gas works can be seen on a site now vacated, close to where St.Laurence's Primary School is now located - the school itself having moved from Lower Galdeford in more recent years.
A closer inspection reveals that Teme Avenue, the road that leads to the school, is present but has not yet been extended into Jockey Fields.
Old Street is one of the most interesting aspects of the photo with a row of old buildings, seen on the far side of the lower part of the street, now replaced by modern brick houses.
The photo was taken before St.John's Road and St John's Lane were constructed - presumably these were constructed at the same time as the new houses in the lower part of Old Street were built.
Perhaps not surprisingly there is a lot more green space in the town and it is also notable how few cars there were on the roads.
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