TENBURY is letting business go by because so little is open on a Sunday.

That's the opinion of Chrissie Anderson who has just opened her cafe ‘Mad Hatters’ in Teme Street and is committed to giving people somewhere to get something to eat and drink on a Sunday.

“So often people come into the town and find nothing open,” said Chrissie.

“This is especially true on Sundays when I have seen coaches arrive and move on because nothing is open.”

Chrissie, who in the past ran a cafe business in the Cotswolds, believes that there is an opportunity in Tenbury.

“We are providing traditional cafe food at a good price,” Chrissie said.

“There will be baps with blue cheese and people have a choice of eating in or taking away food.”

She has also pledged that ‘Mat Hatters’ will open on Bank Holidays where she feels that Tenbury is currently missing an opportunity.

The cafe is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and will open all of the year round and not just be a seasonal business.

Among the customers that Chrissie hopes to attract are bikers travelling through the town.

She has owned a Harley Davidson motor bike for the past 10 years and before that used to ride racing bikes.

“I have my bike parked outside and that is hopefully another attraction,” she added.