AN ancient pageant has been celebrated in south Shropshire over the bank holiday weekend.

The village of Aston on Clun, near Craven Arms, has marked Arbor Day safeguarding hundreds of years of tradition which dates back to 1786 when a local wedding took place.

Then a local squire named Marston got married and left money for the maintenance of the Arbor Tree including having flags put on it annually.

Although the original tree fell down in the 1990s it was replaced by a sapling from the original.

Four flags designed by local children have been hung on the tree, along with 14 flags from other parts of the country.

Children dressed in costumes formed a wedding procession and walked with adults to the tree. They threw flowers over the 'bride and groom' while singing a song about the Arbor Tree.

Morris dancing and the reading of poems about trees also formed part of the day.