A RARE opportunity to find out more about one of the most fascinating parts of south Shropshire is to take place next month.

A ‘walk and talk’ festival is being staged at Titterstone Clee Hills will enhance an appreciation of its features of special archaeological, geological, historical and natural historical interest

This series of five walks and talks will give people a wonderful opportunity soak in a great deal about the social and historical heritage of Titterstone Clee Hills which has features of special archaeological, geological, historical and natural historical interest.

There will be ample opportunity to look, chat, share information and be expertly informed by knowledgeable leaders who really know the area.

The cost is £5 per walk with a reduction for booking for all five.

The first walk is on Saturday (May 31) to Benson Hydro. The length of the walk is 1.7miles starting at Bitterley Rail Yard at 10.30am and it will be led by Glynn Barratt.

A three week break follows with the second on Saturday June 21 to Titterstone summit. The distance is 1.5 miles, starting at Titterstone Quarry at 6.30pm with Glynn Barratt again taking the lead.

Glynn also leads the third walk on Sunday July 20 to the summit of Titterstone Clee via Newfoundwell covering a distance of 2.7miles starting at Cleeton St Mary at 10.30am.

This is followed by one led by Alf Jenkins on Saturday August 16, taking in Dhu Stone Quarry Sidings and the surrounding area. The walk is short but there will be plenty of time to chat for those who meet at Rouse Boughton Terrace, Dhu Stone at 10.30am.

Glynn Barrett is back in charge to round off the series on Sunday September 7, covering more than a mile of Novers Wood. It starts at Novers Car Park at 10.30am.

To book in advance call Jan on 01584890946 or book via the TCHT web site www.the cleehilltrust.co.uk

The trust aims to conserve and enhance Titterstone Clee Hill and its surrounding environment, its heritage, history, flora and fauna, geology and substantial cultural remains.