THE two Tenbury representatives on Malvern Hills District Council will have £1,000 for projects in the town.

It has been decided to allocate £500 to all councillors so that they can support a local project of their choice.

Tony Penn and Phil Grove will have the discretion to decide how to ‘give away’ £500 each.

“It’s great to see cross party support for this initiative and I look forward to seeing what fantastic community causes councillors find to spend this money on throughout the district,” said Councillor David Hughes, the leader of Malvern Hills District Council.

In addition, a new fund of £20,000 will enable councillors to bid for up to £5,000 for a Capital Ward Project.

Submissions to the fund will be reviewed annually with decisions on the projects made by a panel made up of the leader of the council, the council’s head of resources and a nominated member from each of the three political groups.

Anyone in Tenbury interested in putting forward an idea for a community project should get in touch with Tony Penn or Phil Grove.

Cllr Grove can be emailed at or called on 01584 811525.

Cllr Penn can be emailed at or called on01584 810328.