A WOMAN who is believed to be one of the oldest bridesmaid in the country will take part in a very special wedding in Tenbury tomorrow (Friday May 23).

But Edna May Houghton will be taking second place to her daughter who is getting married at the Pump Rooms.

Maureen Grogan, who lives in Knighton-on-Teme, near Tenbury, asked her mum Edna, who is 97, to be her ‘maid of honour’ when she marries her fiancé Duncan.

“When I asked my mum she said that I was mad and that she could not be a bridesmaid at 97,” said Maureen.

"I do not know if there is an older bridesmaid but I have never heard of anyone older than mum doing the job.

“But it will be very special for me because it is the same date as my mum and dad, who died many years ago, was married.

“When Duncan and I decided to get married I was very keen to have my wedding on the same date as my mum and dad.

“Mum is still mobile although she has a walker and will walk into the ceremony under her own steam."

The wedding will be very special for a number of reasons with six generations of the same family taking part.

It is the second marriage for Maureen and her six-year-old grandson William will be holding the rings.

Maureen has six children and 14 grand children although it will not be possible for all of them to be at the wedding as one of them lives in Australia.

So there will be four generations of the same family at the wedding which will make it very special.

Another feature of the day will be the presence of a piper at the request of Duncan who is from Scotland.

He will play both at the ceremony at The Pump Rooms and also at the reception that will be held at The Peacock.

“I am really looking forward to the day but wish it was last week when the weather was glorious,” added Maureen, who met Duncan seven years ago.

“We have been together for seven years and met in Stratford-upon-Avon."

According to The Guinness Book of Records the oldest bridesmaid ever was Edith Gulliford.

Edith was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Kyra Harwood and James Lucas on March 31, 2007 at Commissioner's House, Chatham. She was 105 years and 171 days.

Maureen originally comes from Birmingham and her mother lives in sheltered accommodation in Leominster.

When Edna was born in February 1917 the First World War was raging and Germany announced its intention to wage unrestricted submarine warfare resulting in the United States severing diplomatic relations and subsequently entering the conflict.

It was also the year when the Bolshevik’s led by Lenin came to power in Russia creating the first communist state.

Maureen is keeping mum about her own age but according to records she is a long way short of being the oldest bride – an honour that is attributed to a woman from Australian who tied the knot at the age of 102.