STUDENTS are helping to signpost the way ahead in Tenbury as the town looks for a new direction.

Graphic design students from the University of Worcester are working on a real-life project to help people find their way around the town.

The second year students are studying graphic information design as part of the university’s graphic design and multimedia BA course.

Tenbury Town Council invited the students to help evolve ways of finding signage concepts for the town after they heard about previous ‘live’ projects that the design students had worked on in the region.

There have been many of these projects in recent years and, most recently, students have successfully worked on similar design projects in Malvern and Upton on Severn.

The Tenbury signage project will form one of a number of ‘live’ briefs that the students will encounter in the second and final years of their degrees.

These projects often develop examples of work that students can then successfully use in their portfolios at future job interviews.

"I am thrilled to be part of the project to design a new innovative way-finding and signage system for Tenbury,” said design student Lauren Mills.

“Working with a live brief has much more purpose and potential than does working on an example project. It means we are working with a real client with real goals and requirements.”

The work is all part of a plan to improve the look of Tenbury with the first phase of this project, that has been long delayed, hoped to start in the autumn.

Some of Tenbury’s councillors will also be visiting the university to help feed into the ideas underway which will be invaluable to the students.

The design students will now research and develop a set of working prototype visual concepts that will be presented to the town council in May.