A RENEWABLE energy business near Ludlow has secured private sector investment to build its future.

Evergreen Gas, the small-scale Anaerobic digestion (AD) specialist based in Woofferton, has announced that it has secured investment from a syndicate of private investors, reinforcing industry confidence in the sector.

Anaerobic digestion is a process that uses microorganisms to break down certain types of waste.

It can produce biogas that can be burned to generate electricity or heat. Natural gas can also be produced as well as engine fuel.

The deal, which follows months of planning, has come to fruition via four key investors who represent a number of companies with particular expertise in the renewable energy, engineering and waste management sectors.

Evergreen Gas has also announced that that Peter Jarema has been appointed managing director of the company, enabling Michael Chesshire to take a step back from the day to day management of the business.

Peter will continue to drive the business forward .

This development will open up avenues for new products and services in wider markets.

Businesses in the investment portfolio include Barden Energy, Meltech Engineering, and Serious Waste Management.

Their relationship with Evergreen Gas will it is claimed provide added value to customers and together the group of companies will enhance the ability of Evergreen Gas to meet the needs of the small-scale AD sector.

“I am pleased about this very positive development for Evergreen Gas and look forward to working closely with Peter and the team throughout this exciting period,” said Michael Chesshire.

Optimism about the future has also been reflected by Peter Jarema.

“This is an exciting time to be part of Evergreen Gas and I feel very privileged to be able to lead the company into the next phase of its development, which will see the company positioning to be increasingly responsive to the needs of the AD and renewable sector,” he said.