A PARAMEDIC and her healthcare consultant husband have been instrumental in getting a ‘heart start’ defibrillator into the south Shropshire village they had just moved into and teaching people how to use it.

Paramedic Jo Mitton-Gore and her husband Daniel recently moved into Ratlinghope where fundraising had already begun for the lifesaving device.

A need for it was highlighted by medical incidents in the area which is a popular attraction for walkers and mountain-bikers.

“The local community were already raising money for it so when we moved into the village we said we could help in getting one,” said Jo.

“It will be on a wall, secure but still publicly available outside The Bridges pub. The pub was chosen because it’s a focal point for the community and is well supported by landlords Peter and Sarah Crouch. "One of the villagers, Colin Hughes, is even arranging the security cabinet for it.”

A defibrillator is a device that could restart the heart of someone who suffers a cardiac arrest. Supported by West Midlands Ambulance Service, 15 villagers were trained in its use and resuscitation techniques.

In the near future the device will go ‘live’ and be registered with West Midlands Ambulance Service’s control rooms. In the event of a cardiac arrest in the area, the caller to 999 will be given instructions on how to access the device.

Similar machines have been placed in the Clun Valley and there are also defibrillators in Ludlow.