FUNDERS and contractors who have made possible three important projects on the River Teme at Dinham in Ludlow are to receive a formal thank you for their efforts.

The three projects have seen the weir conserved, a fish pass and eel ladder built, and fishing platforms provided.

“We owe many debts of gratitude,” says Mr. Paul Nicholls, chairman of Dinham Millennium Green Trust.

“All three undertakings have been wholly on, or linked to, our property and all have been to the benefit of the community, wider public, or wildlife.”

Dinham Millennium Green Trust is a charity body formed by townsfolk and administered solely by volunteers.

It sprang from a protest group – the local district council, in 1998, took steps to sell the riverside property, now occupied by the trust , for housing.

But today the property, in the ownership of the trust, not only provide facilities in a reconstructed former mill building, but also a meeting room for general hire.

A wide range of entertainment events are played out on the Millennium Green.

“This year we have at least nine events from May through to carols in December,” added Paul Nicholls.

“However, our immediate wish is to salute those organisations and people who have helped us of late.”

Among the recipients of the trust’s thanks will be organisations which have generously provided grant funding, such as the Shropshire Council and The Veolia Environmental Trust, along with representatives of the Environment Agency, Severn Rivers’ Trust and contractors responsible for the implementation of each of the three projects.

The Dinham Trust not only owns the Millennium Green but also the adjoining Dinham Weir and the area of woodland downstream of Dinham Bridge.

In addition the trust provides leased working accommodation – employment for around 15 people – and the successful ‘Green Café’ staffed by permanent and temporary employees.

Those involved in the project are being invited to view their handiwork at a morning reception to be held on Tuesday May 20.