FACES from La Ferte Mace are in Ludlow this weekend.

The party from the twin town in Lower Normandy arrived in Ludlow last night when they were greeted with a reception at Ludlow Brewery.

Each alternative year a party from France comes to the town with a group from Ludlow going the La Ferte Mace in the intervening one.

This has been happening since 1986 and this year the visitors will get to go to Shrewsbury as well as visiting RAF Cosford.

But they will spend tomorrow in and around Ludlow that will include seeing a photographic exhibition at Stone House.

The visit will end with a meal at Brimfield Sports Centre with entertainment from The Golden Lion Light Orchestra.

On Sunday morning they will be up early to return home.

La Ferte Mace is a small town with a population of 6,200 in the countryside of north west France.