SEVEN outlets of Get Ahead Hats including the showroom at Montgomery chose to support Wear A Hat Day 2014 for Brain Tumour Research. Throughout the month of March they sold charity hat badges and brooches inspired by a creation by leading milliner, Vivien Sheriff as part of their fundraising, and Nowela Swanson and her colleagues at the Bishops Castle Lawn Tennis Club wore their hats to play tennis.

They hope by wearing a hat and making a donation to the charity they will be helping fund the scientists who are investigating brain tumours to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Wear A Hat Day has become the UK's premier brain tumour awareness event. Supporters across the UK are taking part to help realise the charity's ambition to open more Centres of Excellence dedicated to research into brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Research is asking school children, students, workers, indeed everyone, to get involved. With best hat and hat throwing competitions, raffles, sponsored silences and passing the hat to collect donations, hundreds of organisations and thousands of people around the country will be helping to fund the fight against brain tumours.

Wear A Hat Day has been backed by many celebrities whose lives have been touched by brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Research is the only national charity in the UK that is dedicated to granting 100% of its funds to continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours, supporting the UK's largest brain tumour research team at its dedicated Centre of Excellence in the University of Portsmouth.