A PARADE of horses will be staged in Ludlow in 2015.

The procession next year will be part of the town programme of events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

It will commemorate the role of the horse in the conflict a century ago.

Rural areas like Ludlow and south Shropshire were badly affected in the first world war not just by the number of men that went away to fight but also by the loss of horses that were requisition to take part in the conflict.

It was a time before the large scale mechanisation of agriculture when horse and human power were vitally important.

The programme of commemorations is likely to be one of the topics when Ludlow Town Council holds the annual town meeting at Oscars in the Ludlow Assembly Rooms next Monday (April 28) at 7pm.

People will have the chance to hear a report from the Mayor Jim Smithers and to ask questions.