CALLUM Monteith-Roberts, who is currently studying A Levels at Ludlow College, has received a merit award from Aberystwyth University.

The award includes an unconditional offer of a place at the university and £1,000 in his first year.

“I’m very pleased to have received the scholarship and even a little surprised as the entrance exams were quite challenging,” said Callum, who is studying A Levels in geography, geology and chemistry.

Around 300 entrance scholarships and merit awards are distributed to successful prospective students who achieve high pass rates in two, two hour exams, in their chosen area of study.

“It has actually made the decision of where to study quite difficult as I was already torn between studying the four year geography MSci at the University of Birmingham, or studying the three year BSc in geography at Aberystwyth University,” added Callum.

“Even though the scholarship is brilliant and I’m thrilled, the option of having a postgraduate option already secured after my degree at Birmingham is quite appealing.”

Ian Peake, principal of Ludlow College, said: "Ludlow College’s results are well above national average, with an A Level achievement rate of 99%.

“A significant number of students have gone on to study at Russell Group universities, demonstrating the strong commitment of both students and staff to high standards of teaching learning and academic progress".