FUNDRAISERS from Scrappies store in Church Stretton are busy collecting as many used biscuit wrappers as they can whilst competing in the nationwide Wrappers to Riches recycling collection contest, in an effort to help both the local environment.

A combined £500 in charity prize donations will be awarded to the top twenty collectors across the country, so to help improve their collections and chances of being a winner, fundraisers from Scrappies Store are calling for the support of people in Church Stretton and the surrounding areas.

The contest, which runs until Wednesday, April is part of a recycling fundraising scheme set up by McVitie’s and recycling experts TerraCycle called the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade.

The scheme aims to reduce the billions of wrappers being sent to UK landfill as a result of most local councils being unable to recycle the mixed plastic packaging biscuit wrappers are comprised of.

As well as working towards becoming the Wrappers to Riches winners, Scrappies Store earn four TerraCycle points (normally two) for the weight of each biscuit wrapper of any brand they send in for recycling during the contest. Each point can be redeemed for a 1 pence contribution for the school, charity or non-profit organisation of the sender’s choice.

“To date we have saved 1,274 biscuit wrappers from landfill as part of the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade,” said Irene Briscoe, the co-ordinator for Scrappies.

“We also collect on the JOHNSON’S Baby Wipes Packaging Brigade where we collect any brand of used baby wipes packaging. Through TerraCycle’s recycling fundraising schemes we have raised £50.96 so far. All the money raised helps to fund the running of Scrappies educational workshops to teach the community the possibilities of recycled materials.”

Caption: (left to right): Co-ordinator Irene Briscoe and volunteers Gill and Andy from Scrappies Store in Church Stretton with some of the used biscuit wrappers they have saved from landfill as part of the Wrappers to Riches Collection Contest.