A NEW playgroup is opening in Tenbury.

But it will not be good ‘clean’ fun.

Mucky Ducks Messy Play, a fortnightly group focusing on Messy Play for babies and toddlers, opens it doors for the first time next Tuesday (March 18) at the Methodist Hall in Tenbury Wells.

The group will be run by Becky Evans, aged 29.

"Children learn best through play as it allows them to explore and test things out to make sense of the world around them,” she said.

Messy Play is a really important part of that learning, as it supports every aspect of children’s' development and allows every child, regardless of ability, to develop their skills at a speed that's right for them."

“The group consists of several stations filled with different materials of varying "messiness" so that all children can take part,” Becky said.

Some of the kids are a bit wary of the mess where-as others are keen to get "head-to-toe" messy!!" The 'mess' is different every session, and will include dried coloured rice, edible finger paints, play dough, slime and goop, shaving foam, flour, shredded paper, simple water and bubbles.

"I'm going to try and follow what the children want as much as I can, and I'm hoping to introduce themes such as colours and seasons." said Becky.

“My little one, Lottie, 18 months, loves messy play and I do try to do it at home, but with limited space and such a lot of preparation and clean up involved, it was hardly worth it just for Lottie which is why I decided to start the group.

“Parents can bring their little ones along in old clothes, and let them decide how and what to play with. Embrace the mess, have a great time playing with your little one and then leave all the clean up to me!"

Mucky Ducks will run every other Tuesday afternoon, from 1.30-2.30pm.

For more information, contact Becky on 07507 304670 or look up Mucky Ducks Messy Play on facebook.