ZOE Ashbridge has a ‘hair today gone tomorrow’ approach to her golden locks.

The 23-year-old from Ludlow is the latest person in the town to organise a fundraiser following the death from a heart condition of nurse Leanne Brownhill.

Leanne, who worked in Redditch, died from cardiomyopathy last November and was a friend of Zoe.

Now Zoe is to raise money for a charity that helps young people at risk from cardiac illnesses.

She is holding a pub quiz at The Bull Ring Tavern next Thursday (March 13) at 8pm when teams can enter at £10 each and just turn up on the night.

But the main act comes on Wednesday March 26 when Zoe will have most of her flowing hair cut off at the Red Hair Studio in Ludlow.

The hair will not go to waste but will be sent to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that will use it to make wigs and hair pieces for people undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy.

“I had known Leanne since I was 17 and she had so many friends but I did not realise how serious her heart condition was,” said Zoe.

“The pub quiz and hair cut is my way of doing something to raise funds and awareness to help people who are at risk from conditions like Leanne suffered from.”

Other tributes that have taken place in memory of Leanne include Holly Walters throwing herself out of an aircraft in a skydive for the British Heart Foundation.

This saw Holly launch herself from an aircraft over the Suffolk countryside strapped to an experienced parachutist.