JIM Carver has a warning for South Shropshire’s politicians – UKIP’s coming for you.

Jim’s fighting UKIP’s cause in the region as a West Midlands candidate in the upcoming European election.

Jim, from Dymock, Herefordshire, says his campaign is the forerunner for an all out UKIP assault on South Shropshire’s general and local elections when the opportunity arises with interest in , membership of, and fundraising for the party here on the rise.

”We’re finding real engagement on the doorstep with what we’re about, we’re looking to the Euro elections to set us up for 2015 when we intend to fight for Ludlow parliamentary seat and any local elections should the chance come,” he said.

A seasoned campaigner, Jim’s worked behind UKIP’s scenes since 1996, stepping up when required to contest parliamentary, local and European elections in seats as diverse as London and Pembrokeshire.