TENBURY’S MP Harriett Baldwin wants police to find further spending cuts.

The MP for West Worcestershire is urging West Mercia Police not to increase the money it gets from residents via the council tax bill.

She has called on the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner to abandon proposals to raise extra funds from a two% council tax hike this year.

The MP met with deputy police and crime commissioner Barrie Sheldon to discuss budgets. He was standing in for Bill Longmore who is currently under-going treatment after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Harriett Baldwin was briefed on proposed budget changes and discussed issues including proposals to re-locate police stations in her constituency, increasing visible neighbourhood policing and strategies to combat drug dealing.

“I was keen to pass on my best wishes to Bill for a speedy recovery and to congratulate the West Mercia force for the crime reduction figures,” she said.

“Violence against the person has fallen 12%, anti-social behaviour incidents have fallen by nine% and burglaries have fallen by 20%.

“I was also eager to support police plans to find cost savings working with Warwickshire Police and there are clearly further cost savings to be made.

“Bearing in mind the fact that West Mercia Police is sitting on reserves that have increased to nearly £50 million I have asked the PCC to re-consider their proposals to increase their precept by two% this year, particularly since the Government is offering a one% grant to cover a freeze.”

“I have formally written to the consultation reflecting these views.”