GREENS will be in Ludlow to help to stop people turning blue.

Rising energy bills mean that more and more people cannot afford to heat their homes properly, causing winter misery for millions.

South Shropshire Green Party is hosting an event offering free advice and support on how home owners can secure affordable warmth and energy efficiency.

‘Coping with the Cold' will take place at Ludlow Conference Centre on Saturday (January 25) between 2pm and 5 pm. The event will also feature information on grants available to householders and private landlords,

There will be a panel discussion and a performance by the Clee Hill Children's Choir.

Recommendations from the panel discussion will be recorded and passed on to policy makers and elected officials.

"Progress must be made on the issues of affordable warmth and energy efficiency, not least to help reduce the appalling trend of cold related deaths, which increased nationally by 31 per cent during the winter of 2012, alone," said Felicity Norman of the Green Party.

The event is being organised with the support of Ludlow 21, Lightfoot Enterprises, Myriad Organics and Churches Together Around Ludlow.

"We need to bring modern, civilised, affordably warm homes to as many people in south Shropshire as possible and this event is a great way to work towards that.

“Anyone interested in sustainably warm and energy efficient homes really should come along to this superb event," said Hilary Wendt of the South Shropshire Green Party.