VANDALS in Ludlow are putting lives in danger.

After beginning to the year that has seen swollen and fast moving rivers people in Ludlow are putting put at risk.

There have been two incidents of mindless vandalism in the past week.

Two lifebuoys at one site in Temeside have gone missing. The lifebuoy was replaced as soon as it was noticed.

“Please imagine how you might feel if you saw someone in distress in fast flowing River Teme and when you ran to the lifebuoy - it wasn’t there,” said Ludlow Town Clerk Gina Wilding.

“Ludlow Town Council provides lifebuoys along the Teme to help ensure the safety of residents and visitors and we need your support, please inform us 01584 871970, or the police on 101 if you see anyone tampering with the lifebuoys.”