STUDENTS from Tenbury High School are taking part in a drama production centred around the use and impact of so called ‘legal highs’.

The production named ‘Blurred Lines’ has been devised by first year students from New College in Bromsgrove who are on the foundation course of a theatre and community degree.

It is planned is to create a piece of drama, led by the undergraduates from the college, with the final piece being performed at the Regal Cinema in Tenbury Wells in February.

The project is funded by Worcestershire County Council and year nine pupils will be working with the undergraduates on four workshops.

Undergraduates will be mentoring and training the pupils and they will help to develop the characters in the play in preparation for the community performance which will take place at The Regal on February 13.

An educational pack will be provided to all pupils and it is intended to document the development of the project through the creation of a film. This could be used for future teaching projects.