SHROPSHIRE is the location of the first episode of Jedward's Big Adventure, which returns to CBBC on Monday.

The series launches with a trip to Acton Scott Historic Working Farm in Shropshire, where John and Edward learn all about rural life in the Victorian era with guests Shannon Flynn from Dani’s Castle and Fergus Flanagan from Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic.

A rip-roaring ride through history with pop sensations Jedward learning key facts at each destination and leading their own unique tour to a busload of young sightseers.

See them learn about milking, ploughing and the importance of pigs. Watch as things hot up at the blacksmith’s forge and will they face the axe at the wood chopping bodger?

Expect milking, mooing and muck aplenty. At the end of the show, the tourists sit a quiz to find out just how much they’ve learned from Jedward's tour. Whichever brother's team manages to get across the most number of correct facts wins an awesome prize – with the losing team having to face a horrible forfeit.

“Jedward’s Big Adventure is totally awesome," declare the pair. "We get to travel all around the UK, visiting many historical sites and learning the facts about them. Wearing period costume and Jedward outfits brings history to life."