A CONSULTATION has been launched to enable people in Ludlow to help determine priorities for infrastructure projects in the town.

The exercise is being led by Ludlow Town Council.

Residents are asked to comment upon four specific projects and decided which they consider to be the most important.

The list is made up of a road bridge over the A49 to link the town to Rocks Green, a new community hall on the east side of Ludlow, a pelican crossing on Galdeford, near to the Co-op, and CCTV cameras in the town centre especially in the vicinity of Mill Street, Parkway and Galdeford.

In the survey residents are invited to prioritise these schemes from one to four.

People are also invited to comment on other projects such as vehicle activated road signs to help reduce speeding and improve play areas.

Ludlow Town Council will use the information to help to determine the improvements that are the most important.

The survey is available on the Ludlow Town Council website.