TWO men have been jailed after admitting cultivating cannabis at a home near Ludlow.

Kenneth Edwards, aged 64, of Wheat Common, Richards Castle, and Christopher Flynn, aged 38, of the Clock House, Leominster, both pleaded guilty to producing class B controlled drugs.

Edwards also pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled class B drug while Flynn pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a class B drug.

The court heard that a search by police at Edwards’ home in August last year discovered a sophisticated system where cannabis was being grown.

Edwards had provided the money to start the operation while Flynn grew the drug.

Police recovered a total of 54 plants which were around three to four weeks away from cultivation – and valued at between three to four thousand pounds.

Julian Har ris, defending Edwards, said his client had serious health problems but was a “hard working person”

employed by Ludlow Motors.

He sought to produce sufficient cannabis to help his chronic back problems, Mr Harris said, as he had previously bought cannabis which had been of “poor quality”.

Mr Har ris also questioned whether Edwards would be able to cope in prison with his health concerns, and asked that previous drug convictions were not taken into account.

Mr John Dyer, defending Flynn, said his client was a man with a history of drug addiction but now realised the impact that drug use has and was taking steps to get help.

He had said it was a “big, stupid mistake” and that he still had time to “do something with his life,”

“There is no evidence of the impact that this offence might have had on the local community because they were thankfully prevented from being able to sell anything,” Mr Dyer added.

Judge Michael Cullum said that both men “clearly” had the same significant role in the partnership as equal leaders and partners.

He sentenced both men to 20 months in custody, adding that there was “no reason” why the sentence should be suspended.