A BUMPER crop will give the best possible boost to Tenbury’s celebration of the apple.

The town’s Apple Fest takes place on Saturday on the back of the best growing season for many years.

It could not have come at a better time after a miserable summer in 2012 left fruit growers in Tenbury and the Teme Valley close to despair.

But a glorious summer always promised a good harvest in 2013 and Alec Wall of the Tenbury Apple Group says that the hopes have been realised.

“It really has been a good year and now the crop is in,” said Alec.

“We will be having up to 300 different apples on display.

People will also have the chance to taste the apples so they can see what they like and then hopefully they will buy a tree.”

There are currently more than 300 different varieties grown in Tenbury and the Teme Valley although at one time there would have been even more.

However, sadly there are now only about 10 types that are produced commercially.

“Apples have dif ferent characteristics relating to taste, colour, size and how well they keep. There really is an apple for everyone,”

added Alec Wall.

This year the Apple Fest that will be staged on The Burgage will also include the launch of the Tenbury Tart.’ It is a special recipe produced from local fruit that will be made commercially by local bakers.

The Apple Group hopes that as well as being a great dessert it will help to do for Tenbury what The Bakewell Tart did for the Derbyshire town.

This year the Apple Fest has also been extended to include a number of new attractions.