A TELEPHONE box near Tenbury will be home to probably the smallest photography exhibition in the world.

When the villagers at St Michael’s in Tenbury decided to buy the old red telephone box from BT they decided it would be a community facility.

That got Godfrey Pitt who lives in the village thinking and he has taken over the box for three weeks to mount an exhibition of his photographs.

Godfrey who has lived in the village for more than 40 years is a keen amateur photographer and will be starting a photography degree later in the year.

He says he was inspired by Gallery on the Green in Settle, Yorkshire – a phone box which was turned into what is claimed to be the smallest gallery in the world.

It has gained international recognition and was used by the musician Brain May to stage an exhibition of postcards.

“I wanted to use our own phone box in St Michaels as a public place where people could go in and experience the images, so it will be open for the duration of my exhibition,” said Godfrey.

“I hope it will inspire other people to think of creative ways in which the telephone box can be used.”

“My photographs will be postcard sized prints of the local area and with a theme of everyday things looked at in an unusual way,”added Godfrey.

“There is not much room so there is no use having large prints that block out all of the light.

“I have spoken to the curator of The Gallery on the Green who has given some useful advice.”

Godfrey’s photog raphy exhibition at the telephone box in St Michael’s opened on Saturday, June 15 and runs until Saturday, July 6.