RESIDENTS in the most attractive and historic quarter of Ludlow are horrified at the possibility of it becoming a ‘van park.’ They have hit out at a lack of consultation and called for an immediate withdrawal of a scheme that could result in the area being used to provide car parking for market traders.

A group has sent a delegation to lobby Ludlow Town Council and is also pressurising Shropshire Council to make a for a U-turn .

If a proposal for the allocation of spaces is adopted, residents claim half the parking places in Dinham, pictured above, would be earmarked for vehicles, used by traders.

They claim this would overturn the previous agreement that spaces would be found for these vans in Castle Square car park instead.

“Taking these spaces in Dinham will not only affect Dinham residents but also shoppers and visitors,” said Tom Coulcott who lives in Dinham.

“Residents accept that market traders need to park their vans close to the market but to concentrate them in Dinham is no solution.

“It will also be an eyesore and bad for tourism to turn the area by the attractive Castle gardens into a van park.

“What other town would consider this for an area surrounding an historic castle?

“Dinham residents are asking why Shropshire council and the town council cannot come to an agreement for off-road parking in Castle Square for the benefit of everybody.”

Ludlow Councillors Martin and Rosanna Taylor-Smith say that they are against any suggestion of having Dinham turned into a van and lorry park.

A compromise being considered would include increasing the number if places in the Castle Street car park allocated to market traders.

This latest row keeps the issue of parking at the top of the agenda in Ludlow and follows a bitter row about the introduction of on street parking on a Sunday in the town.

A residents group in the centre backs the decision saying it will increase the movement of traffic and make life easier for people who want to be able to park nearer their homes on a Sunday.

They also argue that the introduction of the charge is compensated for by the halving of fees in the town’s car parks on a Sunday.

But opponents fear it will be another blow for hard pressed Ludlow businesses.