SUDDENLY the exam she was supposed to be sitting didn’t seem quite so important when Abbii Clinch found herself dangling 15 feet above an icy River Teme, pictured above.

Her car had spun out of control into oncoming traffic after coming into collision with a bridge at Little Hereford, on the A456, and came to rest on a bank overhanging the river.

The 18-year-old A-level student, right, was on her way to sit an exam at Ludlow College.

But as some drivers simply carried on their journey, one man stopped to help her out, and now she’s trying to track him down to say thank you.

“I collided with the bridge and spun around but can’t remember much more,” said Abigail, who lives near Cleobury Mortimer.

“I just remember looking down and there was a river beneath me.

“I had two or three cars behind me before I left the road but not one of them stopped.

“I was beeping my horn and then a really nice man in a white van helped get me out.

“I just wanted to say thank you to him because I can’t remember if I did at the time.

“If he had not come along I don’t know how long I’d have been there.”

She said her knight in shining armour was in his 20s and worked for a window cleaning business as she remembers him calling his boss.

Remarkably, the youngster still sat her law exam after a relative gave her a lift to college.

“It seems daft but I started the exam fine but then it dawned on me what happened and I started to cry,” she said.

“I’m not sure what the invigilators thought.

“Hopefully the adrenalin has got me through it, though.”

She said she would advise motorists not to underestimate how dangerous driving in the snow can be.

Anyone who thinks they may know the identity of the Good Samaritan can call the Ludlow Advertiser on 01432 845884.