A REVISED scheme is being prepared for Ludlow’s historic St Laurence's Church.

This comes after the alternative chosen following a public consultation last summer was ruled out because it has been found to be too expensive.

People in the town were asked last year to select one of two schemes.

One involved a refurbishment within the existing building and the other a more radical alternative that would have involved adding a new building and moving some graves.

The more extensive scheme came out top in the public consultation but now the church says that it was never a definitive proposal.

Following a meeting with the Heritage Lottery Fund work is being undertaken on another proposal that it is hoped will be submitted in April.

“These were options, not proposals,”

said Shaun Ward who is managing the project.

“The public and Parochial Church Council did lean toward option B, however the cost is simply prohibitive.

“We therefore decided that this was not feasible, this is the point of a feasibility study.

“Our meeting with Heritage Lottery Fund was to brief them up to date about our current thinking, the results of our feasibility study and where we think we should be heading.

“The Heritage Lottery Fund gave us very helpful advice and we are now in the process of preparing a firm proposal on the back of the feasibility study.

“Projects of this size require re gular meetings with the Heritage Lottery Fund in preparation for a bid, this meeting, and the actions to develop the project arising from it, are simply part of the normal course of events.”

It is not known if there will be another public consultation and exhibition before the revised bid is submitted.