SUPPLIES of grit and salt are in place to keep Ludlow and south Shropshire moving through the winter.

A stock pile of material to treat the roads against ice and snow has been built up.

Shropshire Council is responsible for more than 5,000 kilometres of roads and 1,200 kilometres of roads much of it in isolated rural areas.

Priority is given to the network of ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads linking towns and villages. High risk sites and access roads are also considered to be a priority.

Major town shopping centres and heavily used paths and cycle ways are also treated.

However, it is not possible to treat many minor rural roads and motorists are advised to always be extremely cautious.

Where possible roads will be salted and gritted ahead of a forecast snow fall and afterwards.

Snow ploughs and blowers can also be used.

The work is undertaken by the Shropshire Council workforce and where necessary sub contractors including locally based farmers.

In difficult conditions people are advised to travel only if necessary, and to make sure that their vehicles are in good condition and that they have warm clothing and a charged mobile phone.